Cocoa Karma

I’m going to try and make this as less mysterious as possible – which you might notice is already a challenge!
Let me start by implying at the fact that everything is literal. No metaphors used.

A (probably wise) man once told me that life is an equation; if you put in good, you get good. The statement sounds fine – in fact, it sounds true – if you have a technical mentality. Although I did not attempt to challenge it (and I am not a Computer Science student), it has proven guilty.

Sometimes you put in good, and get nothing in return, except for a burden of negativity. You might put in good at other times, and indulge in a result much better than your initial “good.” Life becomes freaky, however, when you get both nothing and everything at the same time.

I am trying not to be mysterious, so here comes an example.
Life gives you a tiny Snickers. A random somebody randomly says that you won’t have any Snickers as a random example to prove a random point. Don’t lose track of the time factor. Time passes, and you happen to buy someone a Thank You chocolate. Not knowing what that person likes, you get Twix and Snickers and guess what? They choose Twix, leaving you with Snickers, which you don’t eat. Why? Because you randomly run into the tiny Snickers person, who happens to want chocolate. There. You just paid back and exerted loads more doing that. Life, here’s your Snickers, plus way more interest than deserved.

Here’s the twist.

Before you know it, they randomly offer you chocolate. “There’s a Lindt bar,” on the table that you’ve had your legs on for quite some time.

“Nice to sweet you.”
– Courtesy of the better result.


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