Exhibit A


Dear Homo sapiens of this planet,
Good news, bad news.

You can read this, so you still have your eyes. Yes, this is the good news.
The bad news is that you’re here. You, along with who-knows-how-much-zillions.

For whatever reason, be it religious, cultural, or even for the love of ownership, at least two people decided you were a good choice. Why? Easy. You abuse the air and water supply, then you go about abusing everyone else for doing the same. You deprive at least the two of them of sleep, health, and half a million of whatever your currency is – if you’re lucky.

Just as any decent hierrarchal citizen would, you would then decide to pay it forward. The result? Perhaps it’ll be sitting beside you as you read this.
What naiive creatures. It cries the moment it sees your face/hears your voice, yet you believe you’ll do a good job. Did you? *Dramatic pause, please.*

You will blame them for your ancestral chain of abuse. You will blame them for your creation. You will blame them for your past and ask them not only to anticipate your future, but to fix it. Meanwhile, you will blame them for not being as obedient as your competitors’ property; you will blame them for being too obedient. You will blame them for wondering, and you will beat them up in your quest to stop them from crying. You will blame them for not being you. *Guess what you would do if you found out they are terrified of turning into you.*
You will do so bad that a good day would no longer indicate something good, but the -temporary- absence of something bad. Then you will blame them for the wasting your time.

Do yourself a favor. Do their potential victims (thanks to your complexes) a favor. Do the ozone layer a favor. Do the 5 pandas and 10 people left *off anti-depressants* a favor. Most importantly, do them a favor. At least it’s less painful than having them do you a favor and spare you of their existence.

Looking for someone to blame? That’s easy. You have “the earth, together with all of its countries and peoples.”

Before your instinctive psychoanalysis attempt, or not – I won’t take away the fun.
Happy hunting.


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